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"Stellar, ain’t it? I think this kind of stuff is insanely cool..." —Sleeping Bag Studios

Article Snippet:

Stellar, ain’t it? I think this kind of stuff is insanely cool to look at on paper, and of course to hear the results when they come out this great too. MELØ really played this track like his own and it slides right into the catalog of shiny synthesized tunes he loves to create…he’s got real respect for the material and it shows in the results. It’s an outright beautiful song at the core of it…”Don’t Change” is really all about acceptance and finding a way to appreciate who we are, and celebrating that together with the people you truly love. It’s a song that reminds us we’re all perfect in our own way, the way that we are right now in the present. Honestly, I think it’s a brilliant way to start out the new year for MELØ, with a song that not only has a stunningly positive message to fuel his mindset for the year as he goes on to crush 2023 even harder than he did in his debut throughout 2022, but also to toast and tribute a band that has helped blaze the trails before him. They might sound different, but when you realize how the past and present intersect through the roots of influence, you begin to understand how connected we really are through the music we listen to and how it genuinely affects us. It’s definitely a version to be proud of, not only for how it came out, but for what it truly represents in this visionary artist rising in our scene. Sounds like it’s gonna be a great year for MELØ if “Don’t Change” is any indication. It’s a cover with real heart & soul to its shimmering synthetic vibes, he nailed the melody & hooks in a brilliantly unique way that draws out the beauty inherent to this song, and he’s brought the past right into the present. You can’t ask for much more than that with a cover tune I tell ya…great job MELØ, “Don’t Change” a thing about the path you’re on & the dedication you bring to your music…it’s absolutely inspiring – keep it going my friend


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