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Sleeping Bag Studios said, "this song is built of pure hooks that shimmer & shine..."

" To me, having grown up throughout the very decade in question – “Mysteria” played out a lot like it had the songwriting of Def Leppard with more Pop-like inclinations in the overall sound…but if you’re listening to the way the chorus works with the vocals & the general flow of the song’s structure, I guarantee, you’ll find similarities that’ll make sense of what I’m saying in this comparison. Ain’t no shame in the game, and certainly nothing wrong whatsoever with busting out a vibe like that – I’m just callin’ it like I hear it like I always do – me, the same guy that would happily shout from a mountaintop just how much I still love Starship’s “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now.” A track like “Mysteria” ain’t beyond me at all – I ain’t denying that this song is built of pure hooks that shimmer & shine from the lefts to the rights with all that implied addictive catchiness you’d expect after everything I’ve cited so far. Bearded guys like MELØ and I might know where a vibe like this traces back to, but *hikes up old-man pants way too far…* – all the kids these days think it’s 100% brand-new anyhow! So shhhhh! Don’t tell’em! Music is a fully cyclical machine…they’ll find that out soon enough."



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