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"As gritty as it is glamorous..." — Spill Magazine

Article Snippet

After starting the year on an incredibly successful note with his cover of “Don’t Change” by INXS, the master of mystery in music returns with his first original offering of 2023 – “King Of Nothing.” Online and available on every major music platform now, MELØ’s latest single delves into the twisted side of philosophy to create a stunningly potent concept that is sure to be a winner with his audience, and new fans all around the world. Armed with his signature hybrid sound, and powerful levels of contrast that resonate through his thought-provoking lyricism and irresistibly addictive vibes, “King Of Nothing” is the perfect song for the modern-day era as the official soundtrack for what it’s like to watch the world burn.
Released with a fully cinematic video that takes viewers into the dark heart of the underground clubs, while also paying homage to notorious villains like the Joker through his scenes shot in the mirror, “King Of Nothing” is a visually allegorical experience that immerses watchers in the maze of thoughts that MELØ has penned to his latest single. As gritty as it is glamorous, “King Of Nothing” proves that both of these elements can not only exist at the same time, but truly thrive upon each other as they threaten to consume the sweetness of the soul through an ego that’s been let loose to wreak havoc on the psyche.


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