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Riggi Media Indie Profile: Windsor’s MELØ

Interview Snippet:

"Tell us about your career, including your history, where you are from and how you started?

I’m originally from Thunder Bay but moved to Windsor at a young age. Started playing with a hand-me-down guitar at 12 years old and right away started writing songs and forming a jam band with my brother Tony and some of the neighborhood kids. We drove the neighbors nuts; they would always call the cops on us. We would perform in School Talent Shows and Battle of the Bands. It was the best feeling. Also growing up in a loving, large, and loud Italian family. Many of my family members are very musical, always ending up in an Italian jam session, which was my first experience. Lots of wine, singing and dancing was not uncommon at our family get-togethers. As a teenager growing up in the Windsor/Detroit area, I was consumed by the Detroit blend of techno, punk and everything else in between. Played in various original and cover bands throughout the years with my brother Tony Rivolta, performing in the Windsor/Detroit area. The diverse Detroit music scene helped spin my creative mind into form."


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