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"MELØ is thriving with his debut EP, Things We Lost" —Jenna Melanson,

Article Snippet:

"Since the release of his lead single, “Mysteria,” last year, the massive buzz surrounding MELØ and his music has continued to grow each & every day.

At the beginning of May 2022, MELØ unveiled his 4-song EP, Things We Lost, which features “Mysteria,” as well as three other tracks.

Throughout the four expressive & wildly addictive tracks, MELØ reveals how significantly unique his music is. Things We Lost proves that his unique mix of synthetically evocative melodies is truly unlike any other. Things We Lost is an unforgettable experience designed to hit different and is guaranteed to set him entirely apart from the rest of the scene for all the right reasons.

The EP is a cutting-edge combination of where the past meets the present, illuminating his pathway forward for the future to follow as a premier artist in the modern-day music scene. From the silky smooth sound of his vocals to the radiant shimmer of the glowing neon hooks in the crossover vibe in his songs, Things We Lost is all about letting go of what once was in a sincere effort to recognize & realize the full potential of what could & will be."


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