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"MELØ is the kind of artist that’s creating a highly reliable catalog..." — Jer, Sleeping Bag Studio

Review Snippet:

"So let’s see here…where would I put this latest tune in relation to the previous tracks I’ve heard from MELØ to-date so far? I suppose that’s the real question, ain’t it? I’ll say this upfront first before we get into anything else, he should be immensely proud of his consistency as an artist overall…that’s probably what stood out to me right away the most. MELØ is the kind of artist that’s creating a highly reliable catalog whereby if ya like one song, you’ll more than likely enjoy them all – and that ain’t easy to do.

He’s drawing largely on the nostalgia of sound…but certainly no more so than how an artist like The Weeknd currently exploits that ol’ 80s vibe inside his music, and you already know how much that’s caught on around the globe again. Sure there’s always going to be an argument that there’s a little bit of ‘been there & done that’ for those of us that have logged a few years here on Earth, but what’s tried, tested & true, can definitely be a reliable approach when it comes to the cyclical nature of the industry."


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