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"It’s a great collection of songs...and a fantastic calling card for MELØ"—Dave Franklin

Review Snippet:

"There is a great irony about music which acquires the retro-futuristic label, despite its leaning on the past whilst it imagines the future, it is a style which has always been more than comfortable in the here-and-now. Perhaps this here-and-now more than ever.

This EP acts as a bridge between the previous single Black Leather Fantasy and the forthcoming full-length album Songs From The Spirit Box, and as such, it makes for the perfect taste of what’s to come.

The titular opener is a perfect balancing act between synthwave and electro-infused indie-pop, feeling like it would be perfectly at home both in the commercial mainstream and the more discerning underground clubs. Mysteria is epic and anthemic and XEX accessible and euphoric. Things end on a more subdues not, Drowning being more brooding and dark, slower and more considered.

It’s a great collection of songs, the perfect teaser for the album to come and a fantastic calling card for MELØ in general. Watch this space."


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